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Three days tour



This is the ultimate opportunity to experience all that Wadi Rum has to offer. There will be a combination of both the jeep and camel packages and the added extra of the hiking and scrambling expedition. This package will definitely give you the experience of true Bedouin life, having the opportunity to camp out over night in either our secluded comfortable camp sites or within the sandy isolated Rum terrains. At the end of each day, dinner will be served around a camp fire, and festivities will occur, with Bedouin tea, music and stories to entertain you, before you retire to your beds.

The three day expedition will progress as follows:

Day 1: One day hiking & scrambling
Hiking stats from the Rum village and we will process 2km due east to the Rakebat Canyon. This Canyon is one of the easiest scrambles and takes approximately 2hours to cross to the other side (Wadi Um Ishrin). The canyon links to us to two large mountains both Jebel Ansraneh and Jebel Um Ishrin. Before we actually process to these mountain scrambles we will stop to have lunch and tradition Bedouin tea and continue our journey once all are rested up. In the afternoon our adventure will continue through to Wadi Um Ishrin and to the enormous hot sand dunes. And if you are still feeling as though you can tackle these sand dunes in the blistering heat then you will have the chance to climb them. Following your exploits her we will hike on to the Anfashieh inscription and then walk through the long narrow steep sided Um Rashed Canyon to a quiet little place in which you can observe the beauty of the sun setting over The Rum valley. Our fine hike takes us back to the camp site.

Day 2: Camel tour
The tour starts immediately after breakfast, each individual will have their own camel and we will travel directly to the amazing Burrah canyon. This journey will take you into the heart of the Rum desert, and before we enter the deep secluded depths of the Canyon, we will arrange lunch and a short break. After you have recuperated, the long journey through the Burrah Canyon will proceed until we reach Wadi Um Ishrin. Throughout this breath taking trek you will visit some important historical sites including Lawrence of Arabia’s house. This total trip will take up to 7 hours to complete, before we head back to the camp site.

The remaining sites of the Rum landscape will be explored. You will travel with the tour guide to each destination in the Jeep, through the rocky desert landscape where the history and relevance of the site will be revealed. Then you will have a chance to explore that site on foot before we move to the next point of interest. And if you’re feeling up to it exploration might require you to climb up mountains. The following sites within Wadi Rum will be visited:

• Nabatean Temple
• Lawrence’s Spring
• Kazali Canyon
• Little Bridge
• Um Froth rock Bridge
• Burdah Rock Bridge

Lunch: It is the location above that we will stop to have lunch and tea before the expedition carries on any further.

• Burrah Canyon: this one of the marvels of the Rum Valley. This 6km long canyon is an amazing place for hiking and we recommend that you should take full advantage of it. Here you have the option to hike across the canyon which is predominately in the shade and takes up to an hour and half.
• Lawrence’s House
• Anfashieh Rock Inscription (Thamudic and Nabataen Rock painting)
• The Sand Dunes: a stop is made for those who wish to climb the huge sand dunes, not to be done by the faint hearted.

The Sunset: after the long day tiresome day we will take you to an area known for its beauty as the sun sets. Here you can watch the sky changing color and how it affects the landscape, a tranquil serene end to an action packed day.

Day 4: The end
After breakfast we will drive you Back to rum village or to the visitor center .Our visitor are welcome to remember that we can arrange for the taxi or bus to transport them to any places that they want to go , for the transportation please have look to (Helpful information in Wadi Rum ) to have more information about the prices .

The price will include:
• Guide for all the trip
• All meals & water & soft drinks & tea
• Jeep with guide
• All the sleeping equipments
• Camels.

The price for this tour
2 – 4 People 160 JD per person
For more than 4 people 140JD per person.




  contact information
  you can reach us by phone at 00962 772 226 419 (Outside of Jordan) 0772 226 419 (From inside Jordan)

  this phone always answered by some who speaking English.

  or you can send us email to guidesofwadirum@gmail.com


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