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Important information for your visit to wadi rum

1) Our guides:
We are four Bedouin cousins who were born, raised, and have lived our whole lives, in the Wadi Rum Desert. We speak very good English. The Bedouin culture is our culture. We are able to take you for jeep tours or hiking, scrambling, climbing or camel trekking. We have a large Bedouin campsite with amenities. We are sure that you will enjoy your trip with us.

2) Where we will meet you:
We will be waiting to meet you in the Wadi Rum visitor center, no matter when you arrive. We would be thankful if you could call us 1 day before arrival if they want to change arrival date or time.

3) Entrance fee ticket to Wadi Rum desert:
You will pay 2 JD per person. For this one of our guides will take you for a 20 minute tour of the visitor center. You will be shown the very beautiful view of the seven pillars of wisdom, the hand craft shops, museum, and also take you to the showing room where you can see a 8 minute film all about Wadi Rum on a big screen. All this is included in the 2 JD entrance fee.

4) To book one of our tours:
Please send us an email at least 24 hours before you plan to arrive in Wadi Rum or contact us by phone. You are also welcome to contact us to ask for information about Wadi Rum. We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

5) Please help us to keep Wadi Rum clean:
Wadi Rum is our home. We ask that you help us keep Wadi Rum clean and attractive. Please donít throw plastic bottles or anything else away in the desert. Our guides can provide plastic bags to collect rubbish in which will be disposed of back at the village.

7) Food and water:
One of the ways that we like to give our guests a taste of our culture is to prepare for dinner some traditional Bedouin food. There are many kinds of Bedouin food which we can offer, such as Mansaf or Zarb. This is the main food of the Bedouin. These are prepared and cooked in our campsite. For lunch, when we are away from the campsite, the food will be simpler. However, when cooked outside in the desert, you will find the taste of the food is far different from when you eat it in the restaurants. For the water we will always offer Mineral water. All food and water is included in the price.


  contact information
  you can reach us by phone at 00962 772 226 419 (Outside of Jordan) 0772 226 419 (From inside Jordan)

  this phone always answered by some who speaking English.

  or you can send us email to guidesofwadirum@gmail.com


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