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Camels have forever been the friends of the desert, as much now as when they were used by our forefathers who made the Wadi Rum their home. Camels have been used by people as far back as the Nabateinean and the Thamudic (300 BC ) . Although both camels and horses were used by the Bedouins, the camels were the more useful. This is because the camel can survive 2 to 3 weeks without drinking water. The camel can also walk very easily in the soft sand of the desert. And the camel can carry a great load, across great distances, in both hot and cold weather. For all of these reasons it was the camel that was most prized by our forefathers and on which they relied. To travel was the Bedouin way of life. It was for this reason the Bedouin gave the camels their name: the ship of the desert.

We arrange camels trekking for 1 up to 10 days in the Wadi Rum desert. Our camels are trained very well, and their saddles are extremely comfortable, to ensure you find them easy to ride.

During our camels trekking programs, we will take care of everything you need in this trip; food , water , tents , sleeping , equipments , guides , as well as a jeep to carry the luggage

We offer different kind of programs here we will explain two of our camels trekking programs , but if you are interested in a shorter or longer program, this can be arranged if you contact us by email .

NOTE: Our prices include the following:
One camel per person plus one camel for the guide
All Meals ( Breakfast , Lunch , dinner )
Water, soft drinks, Bedouin Tea and coffee
All the sleeping equipment ; tents, blankets, mattresses
Guide & Jeep to carry all the equipments

Option 1: 2 Days and one night in the desert.
Day 1: You will be given your camels at the Wadi Rum village. First stop will be in Lawrence Spring, and then continue to WADIUM ISRIN, where we will stop to see the sand dune area. Then the next stop will be in ANFISHEYH area, where we will stop to see Rock Painting from the Nabateinan Time 300 BC. Then we will take you to a shaded area for lunch and Bedouin Tea and rest for 2 hours. After the lunch will keep going to Lawrence House, then to the Little Bridge, then finally to our campsite where you will have dinner and sleep under the stars or in the tents.

Day 2: After breakfast in our campsite we will take the camels to go to UM froth rock Bridge, then through Wadi AL KASHKASHEH we will go to the Kazali canyon. There we will stop for lunch and Bedouin Tea, and rest for two hours. Then after lunch we will take you back to the Wadi Rum village.
The price is 50 JD per person per Day

Option 2: 4 Days and three nights in the desert.
Day 1:
Start from Wadi Rum village to visit Wadi UM Ishrin SAND DUNES , ANFISHEYH ROCK PANYING. There we will stop for lunch. Then after lunch we will go through Wadi UM ISRIN to BURRAH CANYON. There we will camp out under the stars for the first night.

Day 2: After breakfast we will go through BURRAH CANYON to BURDAH Rock Bridge. It will take 6 hours, stopping once for lunch. When we arrive in Burdah we will camp for the second night.

Day 3: From Burdah we will go to UM froth rock Bridge, where we will stop for lunch. After lunch we will go to our main campsite where you may shower before dinner.

Day 4: After breakfast we will leave to see the Little Rock Bridge, then to the Kazali canyon, where we will stop for lunch, before returning to the Wadi Rum village.
The price is 60 JD per person per Day





  contact information
  you can reach us by phone at 00962 772 226 419 (Outside of Jordan) 0772 226 419 (From inside Jordan)

  this phone always answered by some who speaking English.

  or you can send us email to guidesofwadirum@gmail.com


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