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Wadi Rum Adventures tour



5 days / 5 nights hiking and scrambling in Wadi Rum.
Hiking to all the highlights places in Wadi Rum, also hiking in all the canyons, also doing scrambling in mountains (Jebel BURDAH Bridge, Jebel AL HASH)

Day 1: start hiking from wadi rum visitor center through AL MAKARAS canyon to Wadi UM ISHRIN. In wadi UM ISHRIN we will stop for lunch and rest for 2 hours then continue hiking to BURRAH canyon. We will walk through the canyon and in the end of the canyon we will stop to have dinner and camp the first night there.

Day 2: after breakfast start hiking to visit the rock painting place then to the Lawrence house area where we will stop for lunch and rest for 2 hours. After rest we continue to Jebel BURDAH bridge and we will have dinner and camp the second night there.

Day 3: after breakfast we will start scrambling up to the bridge. It is easy scrambling where you can see from the top a very nice view. Then we will go back a different way down. When we go down we will have lunch and rest for 3 hours. After rest we will continue to al FORAH area (outside of Wadi Rum) and we will have dinner and camp there.

Day 4: after breakfast start doing scrambling to Jebel AL HASH, when we reach the summit we will go back by the other side of the mountain. When we get down we will have lunch and rest for 3 hours. Then we will continue hiking to the west area (White Desert) and we will have dinner and camp there the forth night.
Day 5: after breakfast start hiking through canyons to UM FROTH Rock Bridge. We will stop there to have lunch and rest for 2 hours. After lunch we will continue hiking through AL KSHKASHIH canyon to our main campsite where you can have a shower and rest and dinner. Also we will have a Bedouin party and sleep under the stars (the last night)

Day 6: we will drive you back by jeeps to Rum village.

In this tour each night we will camp in a different place (outside camping)
We will supply you with everything that you need in this tour :
Food, water, sleeping equipment, hiking guide, and jeep to carry the supplies.

The price will be 70 JD per person per day for 3 people or less and 60 JD per person per day for more than 3 people.




  contact information
  you can reach us by phone at 00962 772 226 419 (Outside of Jordan) 0772 226 419 (From inside Jordan)

  this phone always answered by some who speaking English.

  or you can send us email to guidesofwadirum@gmail.com


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